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Britt Golden is a Certified Functional Nutritionist focusing on discovering the root cause of a client’s symptoms, as well as a Certified Postpartum nutritionist focusing on working with mothers to give a holistic minded approach to pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the fourth trimester.

She is truly passionate about helping clients understand the link between their food, their environment, and the symptoms they are experiencing, as well as how to adjust these things in order to feel better and improve their quality of life. She is also a big advocate for helping clients heal their relationship with food and have a healthy outlook to eating, rather than a deprivation mindset.

She has worked with a wide variety of clients, with a focus on chronic issues such as adrenal and thyroid health, detoxification, hormone imbalance, gut dysfunction, dietary-behavior modification, anxiety and depression, autoimmune conditions, and more.

With her postpartum certification, Britt can help with detoxing and preparing the body for pregnancy, dealing with bothersome pregnancy symptoms, developing a natural birthing plan, and developing a plan for postpartum that includes nutrition, supplements, and self-care.

She can also help with sleep issues, an unhealthy relationship with food, fatigue, mood issues, weight management, and all the confusion behind what, when, and how much to eat!

Outside of work, Britt is a homeschool momma to two busy and wonderful children, and The Lord is teaching her to enjoy the chaos with them! She enjoys her daily fitness routine, bible study and worship, and playing with her kids and husband outside.