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Multiple Sclerosis

I was diagnosed in the fall of 2016 with multiple sclerosis. It’s a disease I was never familiar with. Nobody in my family had ever been given this diagnosis. What brought me to learn about it was loss of vision in my left eye. It’s a condition called Optic Neuritis.

I have learned since I was experiencing many other symptoms that fall under this diagnosis. I thought they were related to aging as a woman or from my ankle surgery. I was wrong.

Over the past four months I have discovered I am not able to see people, or hold workshops, like I desire. With a saddened heart I have decided to leave the Mind Body Collective.

While I am still figuring out the details of if, when, and where I will offer healing sessions my heart is so very grateful for each of you!

With Love & Gratitude ~


Editor’s Note: Dory will continue to have a place in the Collective as long as she would like. She is a founding member of The Mind Body Collective and is a large portion of the heart of our practice. The Collective is working together to support Dory and her clients through this change. Bridgette will be available for Reiki sessions. We will keep you updated as changes are made.