Soft Tissue Manipulation

Massage is the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body. Offered by both Bridgette and Nicole, massage can be purely about relaxation and revitalization, or it can be treatment-focused for specific issues.


Energy Healing

Reiki is a method to restore, retain, and balance the universal life force that flows through all of us. By bringing our energy into balance, we bring our lives into balance. Reiki instruction and sessions are offered by BridgetteNicole is also a Reiki practitioner.

Lactation Support

Breastfeeding Assistance

Lactation support services can answer your questions about and assist with milk supply, lip and tongue ties, latch issues, and pumping issues. Pam offers appointments in our office as well as home visits. Linda offers tongue tie revisions.

Pregnancy Support

Doula and Birth Assistant Services

Doulas assist women with comfort, emotional, and informational support during pregnancy and birth. Nicole provides doula services; Linda provides comprehensive birth assistant services; Bridgette provides placenta encapsulation services.

Women's Health

Breast Thermography

Breast thermography technology uses heat sensing technology to create heat maps of the breast tissue. This technology allows health care providers to see areas of increased cellular activity, which may indicate undesirable changes in the breast tissue. Breast thermography is offered by Linda.


Relaxation, Visualization, and Goal Attainment

Hypnosis is a very relaxed state of mind and body, where the mind is very open to accept suggestions.  Suggestions that help individuals make the positive changes that they desire.  These suggestions could be to help one lose weight, quit smoking, release past experiences, relieve stress, or even birth a baby with greater ease.  Hypnosis is offered by Bridgette.

Meet Our Team

Providing comprehensive care
Bridgette Becker, LMT
Owner & Founder
Nicole Lennox, LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist & Doula
Pam Anzicek, MSN, RN, IBCLC
Lactation Consultant
Linda Honey
Birth Assistant & Thermography Technician
Dory Jolin
Founding Member & Reiki Master

Ask Our Practitioners

What can I do to boost immune function?

Regular massage can increase immune function by decreasing stress hormone levels in the body. In addition, a healthy diet supports immune function by allowing the body’s systems to operate efficiently.

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